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Airbnb launches global Office of Healthy Tourism

Airbnb is committed to ensuring that as tourism becomes a larger portion of economies around the world, local people and the communities they live in are the primary beneficiaries. Through the Office of Healthy Tourism, we will foster initiatives that drive economic growth in communities, empower destinations from major cities to emerging destinations, and support environmental sustainability.

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Introducing the Living Wage Pledge

We’re thrilled to announce that we are launching the Living Wage Pledge, which hosts can take to commit to paying the people who clean their listing a living wage, or the minimum income necessary for individuals to meet their basic needs.

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Study: Airbnb’s reputational system builds trust & overcomes biases

Here at Airbnb, our carefully crafted review and rating system is central to our entire community. Our founders intentionally designed it for trust from day one, so that our hosts and guests can only review each other until after a reservation is complete—meaning you can be confident that the feedback you’re seeing is informed, unbiased, and real.

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