100 Home Sharing Clubs, and counting

On October 11 in Berlin, Airbnb welcomed our 100th Home Sharing Club. Home Sharing Clubs are independent, host-led organizations for the hosts and by the hosts that serve their local communities. Clubs help neighborhoods and local business owners understand the cultural and economic benefits home sharing provides, connect with each other over shared values that inspire them to host, and organize to support fair, clear home sharing laws in their cities.

From Denver to Rome, from Joshua Tree to Tasmania, each Home Sharing Club is led by a local leadership committee that drives the sharing of best practices around hosting and hospitality, community service activities, events to connect those who share a passion for home sharing, and advocacy efforts aimed at local lawmakers.

Airbnb provides a global platform, toolkit and other support to make it easy for hosts to connect, organize and share. The Community Center platform enables hosts to create a custom online Club presence, create meet-ups to build membership, and share information across Clubs in their regions of the world.

Club goals and initiatives vary greatly depending on the needs of their communities. Clubs can be tight-knit groups of 15 or as large as 100 or more hosts who meet at least monthly to plan, discuss, and engage with neighborhoods, business groups and lawmakers. Among recent examples of Home Sharing Club activities around the world:

  • Washington, DC: The Club organized a Sustainability Meeting to brainstorm how to make their own lives and their listings more environmentally friendly, while also discussing how they can get involved with solar energy co-ops to promote sustainable living and hosting.
  • Rome: Dedicated to serving as ambassadors to their city, the Roma Club teamed up with “Retake Roma” to clean up the city center.
  • Berlin: Berlin’s district-level Clubs are focused on engaging directly with candidates seeking elective office to help them understand the importance of clarifying Berlin’s short-term rental laws for these hosts and constituents.
  • Rio de Janeiro: The Club has partnered with the United Nations Environmental Program and Favela Verde, a local nonprofit, to jointly build vertical gardens and learn about how to make the city more green.
  • New York City: City Clubs are hyperlocal, with chapter-level organizations by neighborhood lines. Club members have traveled to Albany for Statewide Lobby Day and to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to speak out against legislation that would put more than 30,000 New Yorkers at risk of eviction and foreclosure. City hosts continue to urge Gov. Andrew Cuomo to veto this legislation.
  • Barcelona: Made up of seven chapter-level clubs divided by neighborhood, the Gracia Home Sharing Club prepared a Home Sharing Manifesto that represents their Club’s policy goals and shared it at a District Public Hearing.

Click here to learn more about Home Sharing Clubs and how to create one in your community.

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