$21 million more for New York

Every day, Airbnb hosts in New York welcome guests from around the world into their homes. They use the money they earn to pay their bills, stay in their homes, and pursue their dreams. And their guests get to experience New York like a local, exploring neighborhoods and local businesses that don’t typically benefit from tourism. Just this year alone, the Airbnb community will generate $768 million in economic activity in New York and support 6,600 jobs.

But this contribution could be even larger—New York will lose millions of dollars because current tax law prevents Airbnb from collecting and remitting occupancy related taxes on behalf of our hosts and guests. Our community wants to pay its fair share, and we want to help.

If leaders in Albany change the law, the Airbnb community could contribute more than $21 million in taxes to the city and the state – money that could be used to support programs for education, health, housing, and public safety. That money could make a real difference for New Yorkers.

Check out the infographic below for more details on what our community already does—and how much more our hosts and guests could support if the law changes.