4K Small Business Supporters

When Airbnb guests stay local, they spend local too. Over 80 percent of Airbnb listings are outside the typical Manhattan tourist zones so guests get to explore neighborhoods across the five boroughs.

Since it’s usually more affordable, they stay longer and spend more during their trips, following the recommendations of their hosts for activities, shops and restaurants. A new economic activity study found that 42% of guests’ spending stays in the neighborhood where their listing is located. The result is $235 million in economic activity for outer borough businesses in 2014 alone.

Local businesses across the city are standing up to express their support for home sharing in their neighborhood. Over 4,000 small businesses across NYC have signed a letter asking our elected officials to work towards fair, clear rules for home sharing in NYC.

See what thousands of small businesses owners are saying about Airbnb and its impact on their businesses and local neighborhoods.

I stand together with small businesses across the city in support of Airbnb and its significant revenue contribution to local neighborhoods.

In 2014, Airbnb brought $1.15 billion to local areas of New York City through its hosts and guests. The company’s unique ability to attract tourists to neighborhoods in all of the five boroughs, while simultaneously improving the financial situation of NYC residents is a crucial factor for small business success.

Our local elected officials need to work to create real economic opportunity for our communities and to encourage residents and tourists to support neighborhood businesses.