5 tips you need to know to write an ad about your accessibility friendly listing

Booking a home on Airbnb is simple. Yet, it’s more complex to anticipate the needs of people with disabilities. The pictures shown do not always reveal all the details of someone’s home. These may sometimes not correspond with the expectations of a traveler with reduced mobility.

If you believe your home is suitable for travelers with reduced mobility, here are 5 tips to help you promote it: 

  1. Take as many photos as you can. Your guests will thank you for being able to see all the rooms in which it can access easily.
  2. Enter the number of floors in your dwelling. People with disabilities may not necessarily be able to take a step up through a door or climb stairs to different floors without assistance. If you have a stairway or stairs in your home, please say so.
  3. Give the dimensions of key areas. Wheelchair users generally require more space to move around. Bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen and bathrooms must be suitable for the needs of everyone.
  4. Show the equipment you have. Do you have a grab bar for WC? A comfortable armchair? A small lift?  A medical bed? Show them! This will allow your guest to be reassured about what he will find when arriving at your home.
  5. Be as transparent as possible. Once you have made  contact with your guest, answer any questions that is asked. This will allow your guest to better understand whether the accommodation meets their expectations. 

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