A green “Week for Good”

All over the world, Airbnb staff, non-profit partners and our host community came together to make a difference in a week of voluntary action.

The Week for Good enables staff and our community to really live the company’s values by helping others — in addition to the four hours a month staff are given to volunteer for a cause that’s important to them.

Our Italian team and host community played our part in several cities!

In Milan, the Airbnb team visited Comitato Ponti’s Giardino Nascosto, a community garden built with support of local residents. It’s been left unkept for a long time, but thanks to a few committed neighbors who worked hard to transform it, it is now the go-to lush green spot of the area, where you can enjoy a picnic, attend a yoga lesson or even take in a piano concert. The work never stops in the garden! This week, we supported both Comitato Ponti and their partner Eliante Cooperative, an Italian charity working to promote environmental sustainability.

We became gardeners for the day! We pruned plants, mowed the grass and arranged flowerbeds.

In Florence, our Week for Good was held outdoors with Airbnb hosts giving their time at the Iris Garden in Florence and worked with the Angeli del Bello (“Beauty’s advocates”), a company that takes care of Florence’s cultural heritage.

There’s been a long history of collaboration between the Florence Home Sharing Club and Angeli del Bello that’s beginning to bear fruit.

The botanical garden that welcomed the group specializes in irises, a flower that’s been the symbol of the city since 1251.

Here, visitors can find over 1,500 varieties of iris.

In Rome, the Week for Good activities focused on a topic that Airbnb hosts from the Rome community take to heart: the collaboration with Retake Rome to help clean up the streets of the capital.

Armed with brooms, the Airbnb team and several Roman hosts helped clean up the Piazza del Popolo and make it more welcoming to residents and tourists alike. Many passers-by took the chance to meet the hosts and get to know more about the Retake association.

In Bologna, Airbnb hosts worked for two days to help make the Rostom assistance facility more functional and beautiful. Together with employees from the center, they painted walls, cleaned up the space and also had the chance to enjoy some urban gardening.

The social-sanitary center, open 24/7, was founded in 2013 as an assistance facility for homeless people in urgent need and represents one of the first of its kind in Europe. It’s not just a place where people can stay overnight, but aims to encourage long-term projects to help people find a new purpose in life.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this year’s Week for Good!

We can’t wait to see you next year!

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