A letter to our host community in Berlin on the registration obligation from August 1 onwards

Dear Berlin hosts,

You have received many e-mails, phone calls and letters from us in the last weeks with information: Starting from August 1st when you want to share your home, there is an obligation to show your registration number if the housing law applies to you.  

With the new housing law, home sharing is finally recognised in Berlin and it should be made easier for you to share your home with travelers from all over the world. Airbnb welcomes the new law as we support the city’s goal of protecting housing and believe it is important that the city can distinguish between home sharers and professional providers.

To help you follow the new rules, we have conducted an extensive information campaign including ads in Berlin online daily media, social media and on the radio. Many of you have attended our weekly information sessions where you have helped each other understand better the partly unclear and bureaucratic approval and registration process.  

We want to help ensure that the law is implemented successfully and that you can easily apply for permission to welcome guests to your home without red tape. Therefore, we have offered to work with the responsible Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing on a digital approval and registration system. Doing this would reduce the financial and bureaucratic effort for you and the district authorities while standardizing it across all districts. We hope that the Senate will decide to take this joint path of cooperation with us.

We will continue to promote fair and modern regulations and an uncomplicated and citizen-friendly implementation of the new rules to make it easier for you to host. But I would like to again remind those of you who need a registration number but do not yet have one, that from August 1st you are legally obliged to display this number in your listing online.

If the law applies to you please send your application to your district office as soon as possible. We have compiled further information for you here.

I wish you a great summer with many great travel experiences for you and your guests!


Alexander Schwarz

Managing Director Airbnb Germany


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