A new way to discover accessible homes

Introducing our new accessibility filters and features for hosts and guests

As the world watches the Winter Paralympics, today Airbnb highlighted the release of 21 new accessibility filters across the platform that make it easier for guests with disabilities to find accessible travel accommodation worldwide.

More than 1 billion people are estimated to have a disability worldwide, about 15 percent of the global population, yet the logistics of planning a trip if you have a disability can be incredibly difficult. In November 2017, Airbnb announced plans to make travel more accessible for our community around the world.

Now, Airbnb has rolled out new accessibility filters and features for all hosts and guests, which will make it easier for anyone with a disability to find and book a home which suits their specific needs. Instead of a single “wheelchair accessible” filter, accessibility is broken down into 21 key features. This will not only help hosts better market their homes to a wider community — it will enable any guest with an accessibility need to make an informed choice about where they stay.

If you’re a host, we hope you will:

  1. Update your accessibility information. Even if you haven’t thought about accessibility before, it’s worth considering if your home offers any accessible features. For example, if your home has step-free access to a main entrance, it could be suitable for a number of people with disabilities, and by selecting these features, your home will appear in more guest searches.
  2. Be accurate. Double check if your listing has the accessible features you say it has, and where possible, upload pictures to verify this information, whether it’s a step-free entrance to the front door or a roll-in shower with chair. This can be incredibly useful for travelers who want to be confident that their accommodation has the accessible features they need before booking.
  3. Offer feedback. The new filters are just the first stage in our work to make the Airbnb community more accessible, and we always welcome input from our community on how to improve. Please send any feedback to the Airbnb helpdesk.
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