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Airbnb Citizen is a vibrant, global movement equipped with tools for learning and advocating, from the stories of our hosts, to ideas from leading thinkers, to news on the status of home sharing and ways to take action and make belonging anywhere a solution available everywhere.

400M+ guest arrivals since 2008

5M+ Airbnb listings worldwide

191+ countries with Airbnb listings

Unlocking economic opportunity

Home sharing provides much needed extra income for middle-class families set back by the Great Recession, seniors living on fixed incomes, and growing ranks of part-time and freelance workers.

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Investing in cities

As cities strain to stretch every dollar, hosts on Airbnb bring in new revenue through sales, tourist, hotel and occupancy taxes and spread the economic activity well beyond the tourist hotspots. Underserved neighborhoods are one of the fastest growing parts of our community. Nine in 10 guests say their Airbnb locations were more convenient than hotels.

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Boosting small business

What makes the experiences of guests on Airbnb authentic and unique is the advice from our hosts, who take real pride in sending guests to neighborhood shops and restaurants that traditional travelers never see. Six in 10 Airbnb guests worldwide have visited local businesses based on their hosts’ suggestions.

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Reflecting new priorities

We’ve had 15 of the 16 hottest years on record since 1998, with 2015 being the hottest ever. Climate change is causing people to think more about sustainability and make better use of what we already have. Airbnb provides a sustainable option for travelers and for hosts looking to make ends meet by using resources they already have.

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