Action in France: Airbnb Community Mobilizing for Home Sharing

More than 32,000 people sign petition opposing the ‘license to rent’ proposal.

Three weeks ago, members of French Parliament examined a Digital Bill that included some provisions which are unfair to the home sharing community.

We wanted to let our community know and give them an opportunity to make their voices heard. We wrote a short blog post and launched an online petition opposing the ‘licence to rent’ provision in the Digital Bill. The petition states it should be simple for regular French people to share their homes and benefit from visitors to the communities.

Over 32,500 supporters signed the petition in the next days. Our email inboxes and voicemails began to overflow with messages of support and enthusiasm for home sharing in France. We know that hosts care deeply about this issue, so we looked for other ways to support them. 

So, last week, we asked French home sharers to contact Prime Minister Valls and tell him their personal story about home sharing. Since then, over 3,000 people have emailed the Prime Minister to share personal stories about the positive impacts of home sharing for them, their families and their communities. They have called on the Prime Minister to reconsider his support for the ‘licence to rent’ proposal. With their permission, we look forward to sharing a few of these stories on our blog in the coming days.

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