Activities of home sharers in Munich in 2017


Home sharers from Munich and the surrounding area not only proudly share their home with travelers from all over the world, they also share their neighborhood. In order to promote fair and clear rules for home sharing in Munich, hosts in and around Munich joined forces last year to showcase the advantages of home sharing in their district and city.

3 Host Stories

Karin, Monika and Dominik and Birgit shared their host stories giving a voice to the home sharing movement in Munich.

Oktoberfest Guide

To mark Oktoberfest, home sharers from Munich created a guide to inform guests of how to be responsible during the festival. You can download the guide here. 

200 home sharers are now part of the Home Sharing Club

More than 200 home sharers from Munich and Upper Bavaria are part of the local Home Sharing Club and meet regularly. If you also want to become part of the Club, please contact club leader’s via Facebook.

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Talking to politicians about home sharing

In order to advance fair home sharing regulations in Munich, home sharers reached out to their legislators to share their positive experiences of home sharing in the city. They wrote an open letter to the city council, visited the state parliament, filed a petition to the Committee on Municipal Affairs, Internal Security and Sport calling for fair and clear regulations for home sharers. They also held several meetings with politicians and the Office for Housing and Migration.

Six interviews with journalists

Home Sharers from Munich and the surrounding area spoke to journalists and told them their personal home sharing story. As a result, their home sharing stories were brought to life in print in both the Süddeutsche Zeitung and TZ.

€350 for social organization

At the Christmas Party of the Home Sharing Club Munich and Upper Bavaria home sharers collected €350 and donated it to a local social organization (Association of single mothers and fathers).


We are excited to see what the Munich Home Sharing Club will achieve in 2018!

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