Airbnb added to United Kingdom’s Tourism Industry Council

Airbnb’s General Manager for Northern Europe, James McClure has been appointed to the Tourism Industry Council in the United Kingdom. The Tourism Industry Council, which is headed up by Tourism Minister John Glen, acts as a key point of dialogue between the British government and the broader tourism industry.

The Council’s objective is to identify solutions to help the tourism sector grow, while ensuring it continues to make a direct contribution to the economy and increases jobs in the sector. In addition to council meetings, there are roundtable discussions to enable Minister Glen to discuss policy issues directly with a group of tourism businesses—including Airbnb. The first roundtable discussion occurred last week.

“We were delighted to represent home sharing at the first meeting and to now be at the table among the key tourism players to help build on the strength of the visitor economy for the future. Our role is to represent our sector on a cross-government industry council and advise on how we keep the UK tourism sector strong and competitive,” said UK Public Policy Manager Natasha Mytton-Mills.

Tourism Minister John Glen said:

“There is a huge amount of potential for growth within the tourism sector and this requires joined-up thinking between government and industry. The Tourism Industry Council is an important forum to develop this work and provide a strong voice for the industry, both nationally and internationally, as we prepare to leave the EU. I hope that by working together we can ensure the sustained success of the tourism sector so that it continues to be a major economic force in the UK.”

A complete list of the Tourism Industry Council members can be found here.

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