Airbnb agrees to support tech and tourism hub in Jalisco, Mexico

The governor of Jalisco, Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz, visited Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco yesterday and celebrated an agreement to support technological and tourism development in the Mexican State. This memorandum of understanding follows a trend of collaboration for tourism promotion in the country, where Airbnb has celebrated with the governments of Colima, Mérida and Baja California Sur. The platform has also signed tax collection agreements with Ciudad de Mexico and Quintana Roo.

“In Jalisco, we believe innovation is a tool for transformation. Working hand in hand with disruptive platforms like Airbnb makes us more competitive in a global market. In five years the growth of tourism in Jalisco has helped us regain our regional leadership. Today, we want promotional efforts to be shared; so everyone, regardless of how they participate in the hospitality industry, advances towards equality”,

said the governor of Jalisco.

Jaime Reyes Robles, Secretary of Innovation, and Refugio Vega, Director of Centro Jalisco, joined the governor in a meeting with Chris Lehane, Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs at  Airbnb, to discuss efforts to help support Jalisco as an innovation hotspot in Mexico.

“We want to support the government’s efforts to push local entrepreneurship and innovation forward in Jalisco, home to Mexico’s ‘Silicon Valley’. We are focused on promoting healthy tourism in order to ensure technology is empowering people economically, democratizing the benefits of travel and spreading the revenue of tourism to the entire community”, said Chris Lehane.

Jalisco and its capital Guadalajara are important markets for Airbnb. The state is home to popular beaches and pueblos mágicos, and registered nearly 300 thousand guest arrivals through Airbnb in 2017. There are 6,300 active hosts in the state, and a typical host in Jalisco had annual earnings of 65,000 Mexican Pesos last year.

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