Airbnb and big events

Airbnb has a long history with big events. In fact, it was a major design conference in San Francisco in 2007 that led the Airbnb founders to come up with the idea of opening their home to travelers. Since that first conference, Airbnb has grown from one living room in San Francisco to accommodations in more than 35,000 cities and 190 countries.

Over the past few years, Airbnb hosts have played an important role in helping destinations accommodate guests for thousands of big events worldwide, including the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the London Olympics, and the World Cup in Brazil. When traditional lodging options were at capacity or when they were far away from event venues, Airbnb hosts have opened their doors to help accommodate all visitors throughout the destination.

During these events, home sharing helps amplify the positive local impacts for host cities:

    • Home sharing helps ensure the economic impact of big events are brought right to the front door of local residents.
    • During the World Cup, Airbnb reservations generated more than $38.3 million in revenue for local hosts in Brazil.
    • Home sharing also facilitates meaningful exchanges that build community, foster cultural exchange, and strengthen understanding.

And by helping residents share their homes, home sharing promotes the efficient use of existing resources as well as a more environmentally sustainable way of traveling.

Today we released a new report that further details these past partnerships, potential economic, social, and environmental impacts, and future possibilities. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with more cities and event organizers to help host travelers around the world.

Check out the full report now.