Airbnb and City of Lisbon Sign Agreement on Tourist Tax and Responsible Home Sharing

Airbnb and the City of Lisbon have today signed an agreement to promote responsible home sharing and simplify the payment of tourist tax for Airbnb hosts.

The new tax process, which begins on 1 May, is fully automated and allows Airbnb to collect and remit tourist taxes from guests on behalf of hosts, following the example of Paris, Amsterdam and many U.S. cities, where similar measures exist. The new process is clearer and simpler for everyone, and will ensure the City of Lisbon receives this important financial resource.

Airbnb and the City of Lisbon will also work together to promote responsible home sharing, build an open and transparent community and help grow and develop tourism in a sustainable way that makes Lisbon a better place to live, work and visit.

Speaking today, João Paulo Saraiva, City Councillor for Lisbon, said:

“The implementation of this agreement with Airbnb is an important step to simplify tax processes and clarify home sharing rules for hosts. Home sharing has made important contributions for the economy, job creation and the earnings potential of local families.”

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the City of Lisbon to support Airbnb hosts with these progressive new measures, which are an example to the world. We want to lead our industry on this matter, make it easier for hosts to support their city financially and make good on the commitments in the Community Compact.

Last year, Portugal introduced new progressive tourism laws that made it easier for Lisboans to share their homes. The streamlined regulations apply consistently across the country.

You can read more details about today’s announcement

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