Airbnb and Fudan University celebrate one-year partnership anniversary

Last week, Airbnb and Fudan University celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Airbnb Go-Global Fudan Scholarship partnership. Nate Blecharczyk, Airbnb co-founder and Chairman of Airbnb China, and Zheng Lei, Associate Professor of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University, attended the event and jointly awarded scholarships to students seeking study opportunities abroad.

Signed last March, the Airbnb Go-Global Fudan Scholarship partnership aims to:

  • Support Fudan students to study abroad and learn about diverse cultures.
  • Promote cross-cultural communication and cultivate young international leaders
  • Promote cultural exchange between countries in the ‘Belt and Road’ region.

During the celebrations, Nate shared a speech at the event titled titled ‘From Start-up to Social Impact Around the World’, detailing Airbnb’s growth story and the positive impact Airbnb has had in China and around the world.  

He also conveyed high hopes for the partnership with Fudan: “Fudan students represent the most ambitious and capable of China’s young generation. Each of them is a diplomat, representing China in their host countries and demonstrating China’s dynamism to the world. Airbnb will continue to deepen our partnership with Fudan University to jointly promote the development of emerging disciplines like the shared economy and digital governance, cultivate more international youth leaders, and provide more opportunities for cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign youth.”

Airbnb is dedicated to creating value for communities throughout China. We are committed to sharing our global governance experience and advanced technology with China, while localizing our products and services to help develop and promote Chinese tourism.

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