Airbnb and Housing in Montreal

Airbnb takes the issue of affordable housing in Montréal very seriously and we are committed to promoting responsible home sharing through information sharing.

We took a look at the data and are sharing the following facts about our Airbnb community in Montréal:

  • Airbnb’s entire home listings are a tiny fraction of the Montréal housing market. Only 14,300 entire home listings hosted at least one trip in the study period (May 1, 2017 – May 1, 2018) — just 1.5% of Montréal’s 939,122 housing units.
  • Entire home listings on Airbnb rented for 111 days or more annually make up less than one percent of Montreal’s housing stock. Only 3,180 listings home share frequently enough to financially outcompete long-term housing rentals. That’s 0.34% of Montréal’s housing units.
  • The vast majority of entire home listings are shared occasionally. In the past year, 36% of entire home listings in Montréal were rented for less than 30 days, 63% were rented less than 90 days, and more than 80% were shared less than 180 days.
  • Most Montréal hosts earn modest, supplemental income from home sharing. The typical host sharing an entire home listing earns $5,329 annually.

Simply put, entire home listings on Airbnb are not a driver of housing prices in Montréal. Local hosts tend to rent only occasionally, earning modest but meaningful supplemental income. The scale, frequency, and earning volumes are too small to be meaningfully driving up home prices.

Airbnb wants to work with the City of Montreal to ensure any regulations balance affordability concerns with the right of everyday people to share their homes.

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