Airbnb and small businesses in DC: Real people living in real neighborhoods

Last year, over 287,000 guests visited our Nation’s Capital, pouring $160 million into local restaurants and shops. From simple recommendations to guidebooks and walking tours, District hosts are playing a vital role in bringing this new revenue to parts of the city that do not typically reap the benefits of tourism dollars.

Number of guests welcomed to DC in the last year
Amount Airbnb guests spent at DC shops, restaurants and local businesses in 2016

Meet Chekesha, Liz, and Cherie, Airbnb hosts in DC | Airbnb Citizen

Meet Chekesha, Liz, and Cherie, Airbnb hosts from Anacostia, Park View, and Shaw, who are providing local experiences and driving important economic activity to their neighborhoods one guest at a time. Over 300 DC small businesses have signed a letter of support for home sharing in the District.

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As our DC host community grows, so does our support of and for local small businesses across the eight wards. Since late 2015, nearly 300 small businesses — across all eight wards of the District of Columbia — have signed a letter of support for Airbnb, its local community, and affirmed the economic benefits home sharing has brought to their bottom line. 

DC small business supporters

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