Airbnb and the Canton of Basel-Landschaft reach tourist tax agreement

Airbnb has signed an agreement with Baselland Tourism to automate the collection and remittance of tourist tax via the Airbnb platform:

Beginning on the 1st of April 2018, Airbnb will automatically collect the tourist tax from all guests travelling via Airbnb to the Canton of Basel-Landschaft and remit funds directly to Baselland Tourismus. Basel-Landschaft is now the second Swiss canton — after Zug — where Airbnb automatically collects the tourist tax from guests via the platform.

This digital solution will make the collection and remittance of tourist taxes quick and simple for everyone.

By paying the obligatory guest tax of CHF 3.50 per night, guests receive a Mobility Ticket – a spatially unlimited ticket in the Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz for the duration of their stay – and a guest pass, which gives them greatly reduced access to around 50 leisure and tourism facilities. The guest tax revenue also promotes the development of the tourist offer with a focused approach. Since the introduction of the guest tax in 2014, more than 40 projects have already been launched.


Alexander Schwarz, General Manager Airbnb Germany, Austria and Switzerland says:

“We are very excited to announce that we will now automatically collect tourist tax on all bookings made via the Airbnb platform in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft. We want to help ensure that the Swiss tourism sector benefits from the opportunities offered by digitalisation and work closely with decision-makers and tourism organisations in the cantons.”


Tobias Eggimann, Managing Director of Baselland Tourismus:

“We very much look forward to working with Airbnb closely. This digital solution ensures the seamless implementation of the cantonal guest tax law in a very efficient manner. Thanks to Airbnb, hosts in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft can welcome guests from all around the world who are looking for an authentic travel experience to their home. This progressive approach reflects the changing travel habits of people and will therefore not only benefit hosts, but also our local economy and tourism infrastructure.”


Across the world, Airbnb has signed agreements with more than 340 cities and regions to automatically collect and remit tourist, hotel and occupancy taxes, generating more than $476 million Swiss Francs in tax revenues. We are excited to expand this initiative further in Switzerland, and we are currently talking to more cantons, who we hope to partner with in future.

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