Airbnb and the European Championships

The European Football Championship is one of the world’s premier soccer tournaments, and with teams representing 24 different nations, it’s also one of the biggest tourism events in Europe. The European Football Championships begins this Friday in Saint Denis, and will take place for a month across ten different host cities in France. We took a look at the numbers to see how the Airbnb community will be participating in the European Football Championships, and the kind of impact that Airbnb will have for host cities during the tournament.

We project over 250,000 guest arrivals at Airbnb listings in the host cities during the European Football Championships. Four years ago during the European Football Championships 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, there were roughly 5,400 guest arrivals at Airbnb listings in the host cities. That means Airbnb travel during the European Football Championships will be over 46 times bigger than in 2012.

We anticipate over 118,000 guest arrivals at listings in Paris during the European Football Championships, as well as over 38,000 in Marseille, 28,000 in Nice, and 24,000 in Lyon.

England and Wales will both be well-represented by fans during the European Football Championships. The top country of origin for Airbnb guests traveling to the host cities is the UK, with over 45,000 guest arrivals projected. The other top countries of origin:

Top Countries of Origin projected guest arrivals
UK 45000
US 37000
France 27000
Germany 12000
Australia 10000
Canada 9000
Ireland 7000
Austria 6000
Sweden 5300
Switzerland 5300
Belgium 5000
Spain 4500

We project that during the European Football Championships, Airbnb guests will create over 200 million euros in economic activity in the host cities. This is nearly 44 million euros in host income + another 161 million euros in estimated guest spending at local businesses, shops, restaurants, etc. outside their accommodation.

Airbnb has dynamically increased the accommodations supply in many of the host cities. A significant portion of European Football Championships hosts will be hosting for the first time, or for the first time in six months. Across the host cities, over 36% of hosts that are hosting European Football Championship visitors will be hosting for the first time ever or the first time in at least six months.

In some of the largest host cities, guests are staying in a wide array of neighborhoods. In Paris, no single arrondissement will welcome more than 9% of European Football Championship guests. Guests will be spread across all 20.

Arrondissement % of Guests
1 4%
2 6%
3 6%
4 7%
5 5%
6 5%
7 4%
8 4%
9 4%
10 7%
11 8%
12 3%
13 2%
14 3%
15 7%
16 5%
17 5%
18 9%
19 3%
20 3%

We look forward to celebrating the European Football Championships with the entire Airbnb community in France.

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