Airbnb and the State of Colima sign agreement to promote tourism This is the first agreement of its kind in Mexico

The Ministry of Tourism of the State of Colima and Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, signed an agreement that will promote tourism in the region. This is the first agreement Airbnb signs with a state government in Mexico.  With this agreement, the State of Colima positions itself as a model for the country’s digital economy, while working towards its overarching goal of growing the state’s infrastructure and driving sustainable tourism to the region.

The agreement establishes an understanding of mutual cooperation which includes growing the local host community; discussion about Airbnb’s economic impact at the local level; and promotes tourism among the millions of users from around the world that use the platform.  The agreement also highlights the importance of promoting the
F1 Champ Series 2016, which will take place in Manzanillo from December 2nd through the 4th. This event will see an extensive group of travelers to the region, and Airbnb will help expand the pool of unique hospitality options.

“Colima has created a promotion trust fund which will work with new hosting alternatives thus strengthening the traditional resources available to position itself as one of the most attractive and competitive destinies in the country.” commented Dr. César Castañeda Vázquez del Mercado, Minister of Tourism for the State of Colima.

“This agreement represents an opportunity to develop and expand hospitality options for travelers in search of safe, accessible and unique experiences in Colima. The sharing economy is a way for hosts to generate extra income for their families in the State of Colima,” said Martín Waserman, Regional Manager for Public Policy for Spanish-Speaking Latin America.

In the last year, 3,000 travelers from around the world have stayed with more than 300 Airbnb hosts in Colima.  This new type of tourism generates modest but important earnings in local communities, allowing hosts from any part of Mexico to be in direct contact with those visiting from abroad.  The average Airbnb host in Colima earns $1,900 Mexican pesos per month.

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