Airbnb announces #1 wish-listed listings in top 25 West Virginia cities

Airbnb recently released a report revealing the #1 most “wish-listed” Airbnb listing in each of the top 25 home sharing markets in West Virginia.

Airbnb’s “wish-list” function allows users to save the listings they most desire when planning trips, whether it be a beautiful kitchen, a peaceful backyard, or a charming neighborhood that catches their eye. The most wish-listed listings in West Virginia are among the most unique and special homes on Airbnb’s platform.

For this report, Airbnb tabulated and added up tens of thousands of wish-lists to establish which listing in each city was #1. The top 25 markets reflect a wide array of cities across the 9 geographic regions in West Virginia*, while the diversity of the #1 listings reflect what makes the state so authentic and unique.

Some of the most popular listings embody the kinetic energy of West Virginia’s urban centers, such as Kara and Austin’s Two Single Beds in Lovely Home (#1 in Charleston). On the flip side, other top listings became popular by offering opportunities to get off the beaten path and experience the more tranquil, rural areas of West Virginia. These include Jim and Jo Ellen’s Secluded Cabin (#1 in Wellsburg and Brooke County), which is meant to give writers and artists an “off-grid” and “spiritual retreat” experience.

West Virginia’s prominent outdoorsy reputation appears to fuel the desirability of some Airbnb listings. For example, Dianna’s Adventurer’s Rest (#1 in Bluefield) offers an “ATV haven” while Kyle’s Mountaintop Retreat (#1 in Martinsburg) is — quite literally — at the top of a mountain.

The #1 listings vary widely in size and scope. They range from Shirley’s Set up tent or stay in tree house  (#1 in Upshur County) — which sits on 130 acres of land — to Tony and Mary Grace’s Tiny Rustic Bunkhouse (#1 in Beckley), which is only 60 square feet.

The rankings indicate a desire of many Airbnb guests for direct interaction and engagement with their hosts. For example, both Rebecca’s Trillium Acres Guest House (#1 in Morgantown) and Claudia’s A bit of heaven for the nature lover (#1 in Mineral County) are guest houses adjacent to their primary residences.

Over 800 West Virginians now share their homes via Airbnb, yet according to the West Virginia Tourism Office, WV hotels experienced dynamic growth in occupancy, nights sold and overall revenue in 2017. This parallel growth may be explained by the truly unique and unreplicable homes available on Airbnb, like Will’s Cozy School Bus Conversion (#1 in Shepherdstown) — which is a 1997 schoolbus-turned-lodging space — and Rick’s Wild, Wonderful WV (#1 in Clarksburg), which offers 10 acres of tent camping.

Finally, Jim’s Cozy Secluded Chalet is not only the #1 most wish-listed home in Berkeley Springs — it’s #1 in the entire state of West Virginia.

Throughout the duration of 2018, Airbnb and its West Virginia host community are committed to supporting and growing the Mountaineer State’s tourism economy.

Permission is granted to utilize photos from these listings. The full list of cities and #1 wish-listed homes can be found in full below.

Top wish-listed listings in West Virginia by region


Eastern Panhandle

Most wish-listed listings in the Eastern Panhandle:

Hatfield-McCoy Mountains

Most wish-listed listings in the Hatfield-McCoy Mountains:

Mountaineer Country

Most wish-listed listings in Mountaineer Country:

Metro Valley

Most wish-listed listings in the Metro Valley:

Mid-Ohio Valley

Most wish-listed listing in the Mid-Ohio Valley:

Mountain Lakes

Most wish-listed listings in the Mountain Lakes:

New River – Greenbrier Valley

Most wish-listed listings in New River – Greenbrier Valley:

Northern Panhandle

Most wish-listed listings in the Northern Panhandle:

Potomac Highlands

Most wish-listed listings in the Potomac Highlands:

* Geographies per the West Virginia Tourism Office

** All homes referenced are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse specific home listings or any other homes on the Airbnb platform.

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