Airbnb at the Brooklyn Grange

Earlier this week, our community of hosts, guests and supporters gathered atop the roof of Brooklyn Grange Farm(TAG) for an evening of drinks, snacks and great conversation. With the beautiful Manhattan skyline as the backdrop, Airbnb supporters from around the world exchanged traveling tips, hosting tips and stories about the impact Airbnb has had on their lives. Have a look at some of the photos from the amazing night and see what our community had to say about their connections with Airbnb.

“When you travel here using Airbnb, you can enjoy New York as if you live here. If you want the real New York flavor, the real New York living, then Airbnb is definitely the best way to go.”

Bed Stuy, Airbnb Traveler

Erin Sebastion
“Airbnb is the best way to come to New York and feel like a local. When you stay in a host’s home and they give you that personal touch, it really makes you feel like you’re experiencing New York in a more authentic way.”

Erin & Sebastian
Williamsburg, Airbnb Hosts

Elson Francis
“As a traveler you’re usually not familiar with the place you’re visiting so it really helps to have recommendations from the host. Instead of a brochure, you have personal favorites from a person who knows the area.”

Elson & Frances
Kew Gardens Hill, Airbnb Travelers

Tanya Shina
“Airbnb gives people the opportunity to experience a neighborhood you otherwise may not have known about.”

Tanya & Shina
Flatbush & Harlem, Airbnb Travelers

Henry Julie
“Living in New York, being a college student, and trying to get married, you can imagine how expensive that all is — it wouldn’t all be possible without Airbnb. The best thing about Airbnb is that it makes living in New York City affordable.”

Henry & Julie
Ozone Park, Airbnb Hosts

“Airbnb makes traveling much more personal, so when you use it you get a unique traveling experience. It’s a great way to connect with different people and different cultures.”

Bay Ridge, Airbnb Traveler

“New York is known to be an expensive city, so we knew we’d need to spend our money wisely. One main reason we chose Airbnb was because we want to spend our money on our experiences, not just on a place stay. We want to spend on going to see shows, going out to eat, and enjoying New York.”

Andres & Yarela
Airbnb Guests from Chile staying in Brighton Beach

“I love hosting, it’s great. It helps pay my mortgage, pay my bills, it’s a win win situation because I enjoy doing, I get to meet people from all over the world and it helps pay my bills and keep me financially from going under.”

Bed Stuy, Airbnb Host

“We love experiencing cities like a local and that gives you have the chance to experience the city in a different way. With Airbnb, you get firsthand recommendations from a person who lives in the neighborhood and the city that you’re visiting.”

Luisa & Matias
Airbnb Guests from Spain staying in Brooklyn

“My Airbnb is close to my son’s house. I wanted a place where I could walk around the area and at night walk back and be at my own home. Being able to stay so close to my son and my granddaughter means the world to me. It’s like I live here, like I’m their neighbor.”

Airbnb Guest from California staying in Park Slope