Airbnb boosted Czech economy by CZK 3.9 billion in one year

Today, Airbnb released a study that shows how home sharing on Airbnb boosted the economy in the Czech Republic by roughly CZK 3.9 billion in the past 12 months, which includes host income and guest spending. The study shows that Airbnb attracts additional visitors to the Czech Republic, while boosting the economy in local communities beyond tourist hotspots.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • 10,400 hosts on Airbnb welcomed 908,000 guests to the Czech Republic in one year
  • A typical host earnt CZK 51,200 by sharing their home for 38 nights a year
  • Eight out of ten visitors said their experience using Airbnb made them more likely to return to the Czech Republic.

Hosts on Airbnb: Typically local residents who share their homes

There are 10,400 hosts in the Czech Republic who welcomed 908,000 guests into their homes – an increase of 64 percent on the previous year. Hosts are typically regular people and earn CZK 51,200 by sharing their home for 38 nights a year. Across the Czech Republic, hosts earned a total of CZK 1.7 billion by sharing their homes with guests. Half of the hosts in the Czech Republic use Airbnb to help afford staying in their home and for many Czechs, being able to turn their greatest expense – their home – into a source of additional revenue is good news.

Guests on Airbnb: Different kind of visitors

Around one third of guests who traveled to the Czech Republic using Airbnb say they would have stayed home or would not have stayed as long without Airbnb. 86 percent of guests chose Airbnb to live like a local and eight out of ten visitors said their experience using Airbnb made them more likely to return to the Czech Republic. In total, guests using Airbnb in the Czech Republic spent over CZK 2,2 billion in the past 12 months.

Beyond tourist hotspots

Airbnb is different from other forms of accommodation in the Czech Republic and helps spread visitors and benefits to new families, communities and local businesses. While Prague still accounts for the majority of guest arrivals on Airbnb in the Czech Republic, the growth of guest arrivals is double as high outside of Prague (132 percent) compared to Prague (58 percent). When looking at Prague, more than 80 percent of all booked listings in the past year were situated outside the city centre (Prague 1). This shows how Airbnb gives visitors the chance to travel to neighborhoods they might otherwise miss, and disproportionately bringing economic benefits to communities that have not typically benefited from tourism, beyond tourist hotspots.

Sofia Gkiousou, Regional Public Policy Manager for Airbnb said:

Airbnb represents an important economic boost for the Czech Republic and benefits regular people, communities and local businesses that have sometimes never seen tourism euros before. We want to work with the Czech government on clear rules that distinguish between local families sharing their homes and professional operators running a business. By working together, we can help boost economic and social opportunities for regular people, generate new tax revenues and help spread tourism benefits to regular people and their communities.”

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