Airbnb guests spend $4.5 billion on local restaurants in major cities

Across three dozen major US and international cities, Airbnb guests have spent $4.5 billion in the past year on restaurants and dining out, a new report shows.

Because about three-quarters of Airbnb listings are located beyond traditional tourist hotspots, local businesses that traditionally have not benefitted from tourism and hospitality are able to do so. No local businesses benefit more than restaurants. We know from our latest annual survey that Airbnb guests spend the greatest portion of their money while traveling on eating out, compared to other expenses such as shopping, transportation and leisure.

This report provides data on Airbnb guest spending in restaurants in a series of communities within the past 12 months. In 19 major US cities from Los Angeles to New York, guests reported spending on average between $50 and $90 per guest per night in restaurants, amounting to, in our estimation, more than $1.5 billion spent on restaurants in these 19 US cities alone.

The report also provides data on guest spending in restaurants in an additional 17 markets around the world, from Amsterdam to Mexico City to Tokyo. In these cities, Airbnb guests generated an additional $3 billion in economic impact for the restaurant industry, bringing the total across these 36 US and international cities to more than $4.5 billion for restaurants in the past year. Read the full report here.

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