Airbnb bushfire advice for Tasmanian hosts

Airbnb has  contacted local hosts and guests and provided advice regarding high bushfire danger impacting communities in and around Central Tasmania.

Airbnb Public Affairs Manager Julian Crowley said it was important to ensure that Airbnb hosts and guests in the affected areas had reliable, up-to-date information during this critical time.

“Airbnb will be reiterating the important messages around bushfire safety and preparedness from the Tasmanian Fire Service to hosts and guests in the affected areas,” 

“We are also carefully monitoring the bushfire situation, and we will do everything we can to work with emergency services and the broader community to help keep people safe during this high bushfire danger period.”

Some users may have received notifications from Airbnb regarding available properties.

“This was an automatically generated notification and Airbnb apologises sincerely.  Airbnb is in the process of suspending all marketing notifications in Tasmania for at least the next week,” Mr Crowley said.

Please remember to follow the direction of local authorities. Below are some helpful links.


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