Airbnb celebrates International Women’s Day with charity concert in London

On Friday, 9 March in support of the charity End Violence Against Women Coalition, the London office will host a Social Impact Musical Experience to celebrate exceptional female talent in a special showcase. All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the End Violence Against Women Coalition. The evening will feature an array of female musicians, performers, artists, caterers, brewers and wine producers. If you’d like to attend and support a good cause, there are still some tickets available.

With International Women’s Day approaching, we’re reminded that for many industries, gender equality remains a hopeful aspiration. But for women on Airbnb, hosting is proving to be an empowering income source for women across the United Kingdom.

In the last year, women hosting on Airbnb across the UK saw a 31% growth, as 62% of all hosts on the platform are women. In 2017, the typical woman hosting made an average £3,300, collectively earning an estimated £395.4 million. In London specifically, over 28,000 women hosted, representing 56% of the total host population (20% increase year on year).

It’s not just home hosts either, with the launch of Experiences in London, women are leading the way there as well. Experiences—or activities hosted by locals which travellers can take advantage of when visiting London—are predominantly hosted by women. 59% of women, like Aisha, host an Experience in London to share their passions with individuals visiting London from around the world.

The International Women’s Day festivities will conclude on Monday, 12 March at the Votes for Women exhibition. Airbnb teamed up with the Museum of London to offer hosts a special evening with a curator tour of the Museum of London’s new exhibition which commemorates 100 years of votes for women.

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