Airbnb celebrates positive environmental impact ahead of Earth Day

To commemorate Earth Day, Airbnb is happy to share how the Airbnb community in London and the UK are contributing to a greener environment through sustainable travel.

We know home sharing can be a more environmentally sustainable way to travel in contrast to standard traditional accommodation. This is because our research, based on a methodology developed by Cleantech Group, shows that significantly less energy and water is used, and fewer greenhouse gases are emitted, when guests stay in Airbnb listings rather than traditional hotel accommodation.

By choosing Airbnb listings instead of hotels in the year 2016, Airbnb guests within the UK and in London produced estimated:

London UK
Energy savings equivalent of 30,000 homes 60,000 homes
Water reduction equivalent of 480 Olympic sized pools 960 Olympic sized pools
Reduced greenhouse gas
emissions equivalent of
87,000 cars 175,000 cars
Waste reduction of Up to 4,300 tons Up to 8,700 tons

For a full methodology, you can read our Airbnb: Helping travel grow greener report.

And it’s not just London and the UK either. A majority of Airbnb guests around the world (72 percent) say the environmental benefits of home sharing were of at least some importance in their choice of Airbnb. You can learn more about the positive global impact Airbnb guests have made here.

Airbnb hopes to continue improving on these strides in the coming years. The community is committed to taking things a step further with plans to make listings greener by embracing environmentally conscious products and services as well as looking for ways to partner with policymakers and NGOs to promote sustainable travel.



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