Airbnb collects and remits tourist taxes in a growing number of NY counties. Is yours one of them?

As New Yorkers file their taxes, we wanted to provide an update on our efforts here, and across the country, to help our community pay our fair share.

As of May 1st, Airbnb will be collecting and remitting tourist taxes in twelve New York counties, as well as the neighboring states of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. These states and counties are among the over 275 jurisdictions worldwide where Airbnb has collected and remitted $240 million to support core services.  

Home sharing democratizes revenue by providing an increasingly valuable source of new funds for governments. By collecting and remitting hotel and similar taxes, Airbnb ensures a streamlined process for our host community and lightens the administrative burden for local governments.

As Airbnb’s Head of Global Policy and Communications Chris Lehane said at last year’s US Conference of Mayors annual meeting: Read my lips: we want to pay taxes.

Since then, we have continued to expand our efforts to collect and remit hotel, occupancy, and tourist taxes on behalf of our hosts and guests in New York and across the country. In the US, Airbnb collects and remits taxes in over 250 jurisdictions. In fact, by May 1, more than half of our listings here will be in communities where we collect and remit taxes, and we are actively working to expand this program, even as the Big Hotel industry fights our efforts at every turn.

These agreements are a win-win for governments and for Airbnb’s host community — and we look forward to working with even more local officials to establish programs for collecting and remitting tourist taxes, helping them realize the economic benefits of home sharing, and strengthening the cities and communities that Airbnb hosts call home.

Here is the full list of the New York counties that are, or soon will be, collecting and remitting tourist taxes:

  1. Delaware County
  2. Dutchess County
  3. Essex County
  4. Franklin County
  5. Livingston County
  6. Otsego County
  7. Schoharie County
  8. Schuyler County
  9. Seneca County (beginning May 1)


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