Airbnb community boosts Italy’s economy by over €4b

How many hosts are there in our country? What is the impact of home sharing on Italy’s economy? What is the average income of a host sharing their home? How much are Airbnb guests spending in local businesses?

The new Airbnb report on the Airbnb community and its impact on Italy’s economy in 2016 answers these questions.

The hosts

121.000 hosts who hosted in 2016 throughout Italy

44 yo typical Italian host age

2.200€ annual earnings for a typical host

54% women among the host community

There are 121,000 hosts who hosted last year throughout Italy. The typical host is 44 years old.  Over the last 12 months, hosts earned €621m by occasionally sharing space in their home.

Many families and individual households were able, this way, to generate a little extra income to make ends meet: a new opportunity for them. The typical host on Airbnb in Italy shares a room or their whole home for just 23 nights a year, earning an additional €2,200. The earnings are different depending on the areas of the country:

  • In Salento, South Italy, the average income per year was €1,400
  • In the Como lake – in the North, €3,900
  • In Versilia – in the Emilia-Romagna Region, €2,800
  • In the Five Lands, Liguria, €7,900
  • Along the Amalfi Coast, near Neaples, €5,300
  • In Trentino, located at the far north of the Country, €1,500.

The guests

5.6 millions guest arrivals in 2016

3.5 billion euros guests’ spending in local businesses

Hosts on Airbnb in Italy have welcomed 5.6m guest arrivals into their homes in 2016 alone. This has grown from 3.6m guest arrivals in 2015.

Guests are looking for a unique travel experience that makes them live like a local, far from the mass-tourism highlights.

  • The vast majority (70%) come from across Europe
  • Almost a fifth (17%) visiting from North America
  • Guests on Airbnb in Italy stay an average of 3.6 nights per trip
  • Over 90% of them said they chose Airbnb because they wanted a more authentic experience
  • 3 out of 4 said they chose Airbnb to explore a specific neighborhood
  • During their stay in Italy, guests spent over 3.5 billion euros in local businesses.

The overall economic impact

4.1 billion euros overall impact on Italy’s economy

171€ the average Airbnb guest spending per day in Italy

The Airbnb community encourages new and sustainable economic growth.

The report, which includes all travel to Italy from January to December 2016, shows the Airbnb community generated an overall impact on Italy’s economy of 4.1 billion euros over the course of last year.

Local communities, businesses and cultural venues across Italy are benefitting from Airbnb, and most of all the less touristic areas.

Download the report.

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