Airbnb community generated more than €1 billion in Barcelona in 2016

Today we are releasing new data that shows the positive impact Airbnb is having on the economy of Barcelona (Download the report). In 2016, the Airbnb community generated more than €1 billion in the city. Economic activity includes the money earned by hosts and the guest spending in local businesses.

Local households earned €167 million sharing their home. In Airbnb hosts keep 97% of the money when they list their space. This figure shows how home sharing spreads economic benefits beyond city centres to new areas, communities, local businesses and families.

Moreover, locals from Barcelona are increasingly choosing the platform when looking for accommodation while travelling. 364,000 people used Airbnb to travel abroad, an increase of 67% in comparison to 2015.


  • €1 billion in economic activity
  • €167 million earned by local households
  • 16,100 hosts
  • 20,000 listings


  • €1.4 billion in economic activity
  • 23,900 hosts
  • 602,000 Catalans used Airbnb when travelling
  • 41,000 listings
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