Airbnb community in the Czech Republic launch country’s first host club in Prague

To end the year on a high note, the hosts launched not only the first home sharing club in Prague, but in all of the Czech Republic. The hosts on Airbnb in the Czech Republic have added their own club to the more than 200 operating in communities around the world.

The new members gathered in the networking center of Opero, located in the Old Town. It was a fitting location given that since its creation in 1909, the center has been known as a place for locals to connect, inspire each other, and share information.

When asked by a local organiser what value the club will have for the Airbnb community in Prague, Adela, a host on Airbnb shared her view:

The best thing about our new club is the positive vibe of every person. The exchange of experiences will help us improve, and together we can create a community with a strong voice.”

The new club members shared Adela’s  sentiments and agreed that knowledge sharing will be a key benefit of the club’s creation. In the coming year, the members are planning to design workshops on responsible hosting and to engage in  social impact initiatives to benefit the greater community in Prague.

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