Airbnb is creating economic opportunities in communities of color across New York City

Airbnb hosts in New York City recently held a press conference at the Harlem Business Alliance, a local neighborhood organization that supports small business owners and entrepreneurs in the community. They came together to share their experiences and set the record straight on how Airbnb is providing economic empowerment for communities of color across New York City.

“$53 million of economic activity spread across the five boroughs in communities of color.”
Minister Kirsten John Foy

By providing an alternative means of earning extra income to make ends meet, Airbnb is helping hosts and small business owners alike, making it possible for many to afford to stay in the neighborhoods they love while also helping communities benefit from the tourism dollars that have traditionally stayed in Midtown Manhattan. In fact, 92 percent of NYC hosts share their own home and 30 percent of NYC hosts say that home sharing has saved them from eviction or foreclosure — the highest share of any American city.

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