Airbnb Experiences community celebrates anniversary in Dublin

Last week, Airbnb organised its first-ever community event in Ireland for Experiences, with more than 70 hosts in attendance to celebrate a year since the platform launched in Dublin.

The event brought together Experiences hosts—both new and old—and Airbnb staffers to commemorate the community welcoming guests to Dublin this past year. Hosts present at the Airbnb Warehouse office were able to enjoy specially prepared food by the Airbnb food team in addition to local craft beer and cocktails while getting a preview of what’s to come for Experiences in the year ahead.

A few Experience hosts were on hand to provide mini-showcases of their experiences for those in attendance. These included, Adrian from Teelings, who helps host the experience Whiskey Tour and Cocktails, and who ran cocktail-making demonstrations and a whiskey tasting.

Social Impact Experiences are Experiences which Airbnb waives all fees so that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the the nonprofit or social enterprise which hosts it. The National Print Museum is an example as their  tour and printmaking Social Impact experience helps raise funds for the nonprofit museum itself. That night they ran demonstrations of traditional printing methods and showed hosts how to use a traditional letterpress to make their own customised ‘Wanted’ prints (complete with their names on them). They also shared reproductions of  suffrage posters marking the 100 year anniversary of women getting the vote from their exhibition Print, Protest & the Polls: The Irish women’s suffrage campaign and the power of print media, 1908 – 1918.

“We were thrilled to celebrate a year of Airbnb Experiences in Dublin with our community of passionate hosts. It was incredible to see so many hosts come out to get to know each other and share their stories over food and drink in our Dublin office. It was a lovely celebration of all the hard work they’ve put into creating magical moments – from family travels to proposals – for guests from all over the world this past year. Special thanks to Adrian and his team from Teelings and to the National Print Museum for running tasters of their Experiences so that our hosts could relax and enjoy being guests for a change!” – Eleanor Michotte, Ireland Trips Market Manager

Ionut, a host who has lived in Dublin for the past five years has turned his passion and career as a full-time singer-songwriter into a way to earn extra income through the platform. By hosting an Experience which introduces guests to busking in Dublin, he takes them on a cultural walk through Dublin which allows guests to explore the Irish capital from a musical point of view. He attended the event and said:

“Getting the chance to meet and talk to all these amazing Experience hosts was a real treat. The Airbnb team in Ireland helped us realise that we are a strong community, which to me translates into a feeling of support, love and belonging anywhere we may find ourselves in the world. We got to know each other better, share ideas, laugh and promised to meet up again very soon. This event laid the foundation for future cooperation between hosts and I learned that sharing is the best way to inspire and make others feel that they are a part of something great.”

The event was a successful one where hosts got to learn about the potential Airbnb Experiences have and how they might be able to take away bits of inspiration from some of the stories other hosts shared to improve their own offerings. Experiences are a way for hosts and locals to share their passion with the world and travellers using the Airbnb platform. Experiences were launched in Dublin last May and expanded across Ireland earlier this year.

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