Airbnb Florida Announces $6.4 Million Economic Impact for Jacksonville

Airbnb Florida today announced that Airbnb guests infused a $6.4 million economic impact for the City of Jacksonville in 2016.

Over 300 Jacksonville residents actively list their home or a room on the Airbnb platform. In 2016, those hosts earned $2.2 million in supplemental income while welcoming over 19,000 guests to the City.

Additionally, those guests contributed $4.2 million in spending to the local merchant community through spending at restaurants, shops and more. This is based on a recent comprehensive survey of Airbnb guests, which determined that Airbnb guests to Jacksonville spend on average $62 per day.


300 Active Hosts

19,000 Guest Arrivals in 2016 – reflecting 134% year-over-year growth

53% Jacksonville listings that are simply extra, unused rooms

$4,800 Annual Airbnb income for typical Jacksonville host

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