Airbnb gives over 13.5 million euros in tourist tax to French local authorities

Airbnb will pay over 13.5 million euros in tourist tax to 50 French cities by the end of the month, twice the amount paid in 2016 (7.3 million euros). Next step: Airbnb will generalize the automatic collection of the tourist tax to more than 15,000 municipalities, thus becoming the first furnished tourist rental platform to contribute so massively to the finances of local authorities. These additional resources will be invested by the municipalities in tourism development projects. Airbnb thus contributes to the attractiveness of the French destination.

In 2017, the three main municipalities benefiting from automated tourist tax collection are Paris (€6.9 million), Nice (€860,000) and Marseille (€790,000). More than €550,000 was also donated to ski resorts in the Alps.

The three cities with the highest increase in the amount of tax collected between 2016 and 2017 are Nice (+332%), Nantes (+264%), and Cannes (+202%).

Like any traveller who stays in France, guests on Airbnb are liable for the tourist tax, collected by the accommodation provider who pays it to the Town Hall. In order to facilitate the procedures for guests, Airbnb took the initiative very early on to simplify collection by making it automatic in the name and on behalf of guests in the municipalities concerned.

Automatic collection is 100% efficient, simple and free for both cities and hosting providers, which is why Airbnb began its deployment in France in 2015. Since then, Airbnb has extended the automated collection and payment of the tourist tax to 19 major French cities in 2016, then 50 cities in 2017. It aims to become widespread in the spring of 2018.

Emmanuel Marill, Director of Airbnb France :

“Travel on Airbnb is not only an essential asset for tourism and growth in France. They also provide new resources to local authorities, which are under increasing budgetary pressure, in order to finance their own attractiveness. The automated collection of the tourist tax is a simple and effective way to ensure that the development of tourism really benefits everyone and all territories. That’s why we want to generalize this mechanism by next spring, and invite other furnished rental platforms to do the same.”

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