Airbnb guests spend $6.5 billion on local restaurants in major cities

A new global report from Airbnb surveying more than four dozen international cities found that guests who used Airbnb to travel spent $6.5 billion in the past year dining out and eating at restaurants. A closer look at the European cities surveyed revealed guests generated €2.5 billion in economic impact for the restaurant industry, nearly €700 million more than 2016.

Guests who used Airbnb in Dublin spent €66 million at local eateries last year. London, another top European destination for guests who chose Airbnb last year topped the list with £522 million spent at local eateries last year. Paris (€548M), Barcelona (€351M) and Rome (€257M) rounded out the top four cities in Europe.

The global restaurant report analysed guest spending in restaurants in 44 cities within the past 12 months. Read the full report here.

Download the Restaurant Report

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