Airbnb helps 7th grade student fulfill her dream of promoting Taiwan to the world

Organized by the Dream Travel Taiwan Alliance (DTTA), the 2017 Project 100 Travel Competition attracted participants across the entire island, with a total of 150 competition entries.

The award ceremony took place on January 12th, 2018 at Eslite bookstore, where Airbnb Head of Public Policy for Taiwan and Hong Kong Gina Tsai presented the Special Award to Hu Tsai Ling, a 7th-grade student, and her mother, Du Cian Ru. Both Tsai Ling and Cian Ru will enjoy a sponsored tour around Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters and learn more about promoting Taiwan as a world tourist destination.

The mother-daughter pair devised the winning idea to “Promote Taiwan by Postcrossing a Postcard”. They will select and produce 100 beautiful Taiwan photos on postcards, each of which is accompanied by a touching short story. The postcards will be shared via Postcrossing, a postcard exchange project that invites everyone to send and receive postcards from anywhere in the world. Through these postcards, they hope to share Taiwan’s breathtaking natural beauty and historical cultural attractions with the world.

“My primary school classmates and I have started sending postcards via the platform. However, it isn’t enough if only we do so, I hope all Taiwanese citizens will too and help us maximize Taiwan’s international exposure,” Tsai Ling said.

“Airbnb encourages everyone to be a role model of civil diplomacy by providing an unforgettable travel experience to tourists,” Gina shared. “Through the close cooperation between Airbnb and DTTA, we aim to share our Taiwanese hospitality with the world. I am also proud to share that both Tsai Ling and I came from Hualien’s Guofeng Junior High School!”  

As Airbnb continues to grow in Taiwan, the award demonstrates our passion to support and inspire local talent to promote Taiwan on the global stage.

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