Airbnb Helps Boost Amsterdam Tax Revenue by 25%

The City of Amsterdam will collect more than €46m in tourist tax in 2016 – 25% more than last year – thanks largely to clear and simple tax processes for Airbnb hosts, official statistics released today show.

New figures from the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics show Airbnb hosts in Amsterdam boost local tourist tax revenue by a quarter, and largely account for a national increase in tourist revenues of almost 9%. The positive impact of our community means Amsterdam now accounts for almost 25% of all Dutch tourist tax revenue.

We’re proud to have worked together with the City of Amsterdam on clear and simple tax processes, which make it easier for our community to pay tourist tax and support their city financially. Amsterdam is a great example of how we can work together with policymakers to simplify tax processes for our community.

Over the coming months, we’ll continue to work with more policymakers on progressive tax rules that support more hosts and more cities, in line with commitments made in the Community Compact. This is complex work and it takes time, but we are are committed to expanding this initiative. We want to lead our industry on this matter and ensure governments receive this important resource.

You can read full details of today’s report here.