Airbnb helps kick off Autumn Season in London

James McClure, Airbnb’s General Manager for Northern Europe joined Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Night Czar Amy Lamé and other signatories for the official launch of London’s Tourism Vision last week. As an official signatory, Airbnb supports the commitment to make this vision a reality, along with other businesses and stakeholders.

The event hosted at the Natural History Museum kicked off the Autumn Season campaign to launch the cultural and arts agenda for London and showcase the city’s culture across the world.

London is projected to attract more than 40 million overnight visitors a year by 2025. To ensure this happens, London’s Tourism Vision outlines several key points for helping by:

  • Providing tourists with better online and offline information to help them navigate the city more effectively and make more informed choices.
  • Encouraging tourists to do more and see more of London, which will step up their overall satisfaction and increase their likelihood of returning as visitors or to work, invest, trade or study.
  • Ensuring the tourism industry works together to manage the expected significant growth in visitor numbers in a sustainable way.
  • Achieving this vision by balancing the needs of Londoners and visitors, with more Londoners recognising the importance of the visitor economy and benefiting from its social and economic impact.

The Mayor of London also addressed attendees and spoke about how art and culture represent the glue that holds the city together. He touched on the city’s signature #LondonIsOpen campaign, reminding those in attendance that London is a magnificent city, open for all people across the world to come and enjoy.

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