Airbnb hosts across Ireland share their passion for hosting

There are countless reasons people around the world enjoy hosting on Airbnb. At Oscailte, we took a few moments to catch up with some Airbnb hosts from across Ireland to hear more about why hosting is important to them.

You’ll get to hear Kathleen tell you that despite joining Airbnb because she and her husband lost their jobs during the recession, they now host for the hugs they receive at the end of each guest’s stay. “When you get a hug, you really feel the connection, and the gratitude and the friendship behind the hug.”

Malachy, one of the leaders of the Dublin Home Sharing Club tells us how for him, his favourite aspect of hosting on Airbnb is the opportunities the platform creates to break barriers. “It’s the meeting of people who haven’t met before, it’s the breaking down of barriers, it’s the communication. It’s establishing that link that allows you to enjoy where you are.”  

Áine and Stephen who also won this year’s Most Unique Listing prize at the Oscailte Host Awards shared a lovely story about how hosting for them is all about the connections their guests are able to make and the memories they create and share with them, including a recent engagement!

Hear directly from Airbnb hosts across Ireland about what hosting means to them:

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