Airbnb hosts Christmas lunch for homelessness charity, Centrepoint

Yesterday, we announced our support for young people’s homelessness charity, Centrepoint, who work tirelessly across the UK to support, guide and house young people facing homelessness. It costs just 40p to house a young person per night which is why we’re pledging 40p for each booking made between the 8th and 31st December in London on the Airbnb platform. But we’re not just about homes, we’re about experiences, which is why we decided to host some of Centrepoint’s residents and frontline staff for Christmas lunch at our offices here in London.

Airbnb Centrepoint Christmas Lunch, London. Byline John Nguyen/JNVisuals 07/12/2016

Four of our trip hosts, professional chef Alissa, grime artist Dom and skateboarders/graffiti artists Josh and Luke hosted five young Centrepoint residents in our office for an afternoon of festive, crafty fun. Our young guests took a Middle Eastern cookery class, dressed a dinner table and made Christmas decorations before sitting down to a big group dinner with Centrepoint frontline staff and a handful of lucky Airbnb staff. It was an opportunity for us to hear from some incredibly inspiring young people who have faced, and won, some serious battles in their young lives and, in turn, got to learn new skills from a handful of our community who have turned their passions into a profession.

Airbnb Centrepoint Christmas Lunch, London. Byline John Nguyen/JNVisuals 07/12/2016

After sharing stories over some wonderfully prepared food, we got into the Christmas spirit with crackers and presents. It was an incredible few hours spent with some inspiring young people and we hope it was an experience they’ll cherish for a long time to come.


On top of our 40p pledge, we’re also asking our community of hosts and guests to donate whatever they can afford to give. Whatever you donate from now until the end of January will be matched by us up to £10,000. Between our contribution from eligible bookings and our donation matching your pledges, we are targeting a total donation from Airbnb of £30,000.

We can all make a substantial difference to the lives of young people across the country. So please join us by donating to Centrepoint’s Christmas campaign today.

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