Airbnb hosts in Taiwan give back to local communities

From April to September 2017, Airbnb hosts worked together to take part in a number of initiatives to give back to local communities in Taiwan. Hosts co-worked with local communities in different cities across the country, including Taipei, Yilan, Taichung and Kaohsiung.

Host Guan Hua said “Volunteering is core to our mission of belonging. It’s our responsibility and mission to make the neighborhood and the society better.”

Various projects led by hosts ranged from cleaning their local neighborhood to supporting people with disabilities in Taiwanese society.


In Taipei, Airbnb hosts cleaned the Guandu Nature Park, removing weeds in order to protect the wetland from pesticides.

Hosts also gathered together and cooked for homeless people with Wow Taiwan – a local interest tour at Taipei Main Station. Hosts teamed up to cook and donate food during Airbnb’s annual Week for Good.

Taipei community service leaders led hosts to volunteer at Mary’s Doggies – a non-profit organization rescuing the homeless dogs of Taiwan and rehabilitating, then rehoming them into forever homes, showing the stray dogs some love and care with daily maintenance.  


In Yilan, Airbnb hosts gave back to Yilan Waiwo Beach, lending a helping hand to local communities. Hosts not only cleaned trash, but also learned the importance of preserving the environment.


In partnership with HONDAO Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, Taichung hosts came together to deliver food to senior citizens and support the local elderly community.

Hosts also rolled up their sleeves to collect the receipts in their listings from foreigners and donated to Genesis Welfare Foundation to support patients living with paralysis.


In Kaohsiung, the local club leader and several hosts sponsored their listings to a local barber while she was traveling. The barber in turn donated the revenue to the charity.



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