Airbnb Hosts Live like a Local in the Dogpatch

By Jackson Meredith – Small Business Outreach SF

Recently, Airbnb hosts from all over San Francisco gathered in the Dogpatch to explore the neighborhood. One of the best things about traveling on Airbnb is the ability to have a hyper-local experience in a neighborhood that sits outside of the main hotel districts.

Jon from Harmonic showcases their fresh-brewed beer.
Jon from Harmonic showcases their fresh-brewed beer.

The Dogpatch is indeed one of the hidden neighborhoods of San Francisco with amazing restaurants, breweries, bakeries, and a bustling local manufacturing sector.

“As a small business owner, it was wonderful to meet so many of our neighbors and potential customers that I otherwise would not have met,” said Dr. Frank Gilson, Vice-President of the Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association. Airbnb hosts promote their neighborhood businesses to travelers staying with them, sending much-needed foot traffic to local shops.

Mark Dwight, owner of Rickshaw Bagworks, welcomed hosts and guests to his small warehouse on the main commercial corridor to kick off the evening’s event. For over ten years, Rickshaw has sewn their bags right here in San Francisco. Harmonic Brewery, 7 Stills distillery, and Serpentine joined the evening at Rickshaw and showcased their incredible products that were also produced just down the street.

“I thought it was fascinating to discover the history of the area from a local and established business,” says Airbnb host Mark Young. “It is so interesting to get that local insight, Mark [Dwight] had a perspective of not just a tourist, but as someone who has worked in the area for over ten years and has seen the tremendous growth of the neighborhood. It’s great to have been a part of that and to have that knowledge to take back to my guests.”

After mingling at Rickshaw, Dwight took the hosts on a lively tour of the vibrant neighborhood, pointing out long-standing bars like the Dogpatch Saloon and new world-class restaurants like Piccino. When guests use Airbnb they live like locals and spend their money at local businesses like these.

Mark Dwight, Owner of Rickshaw Bags, delighting hosts with the story of the Dogpatch and the vibrant manufacturing sector in the neighborhood.
Mark Dwight, Owner of Rickshaw Bags, delighting hosts with the story of the Dogpatch and the vibrant manufacturing sector in the neighborhood.

Lorraine Bader, a host from the Panhandle and 45 year resident of San Francisco remarked on the evening, “I went because I wanted to experience a part of town that I really didn’t know well, and I wanted to see how it was developing. I was really delighted to see all the great businesses there, the restaurants the bakeries and shops are all so lovely. I had a great time getting to know an amazing new neighborhood and will certainly recommend the area to my guests.”

After enjoying some delicious pastries from the fresh-baked, scratch-made bakery Neighbor Bakehouse Dwight and the hosts landed at Triple Voodoo Brewery for a handcrafted beer and some amazing food from Hard Knox Cafe.

“I had a great experience at the Merchant Walk touring local stores and learning about the diverse array of businesses that proudly call the Dogpatch District home,” remarked Nelson Zhao, a resident of Nob Hill.” I had no idea the neighborhood is so vibrant, and the many other SF locals I met during the tour felt the same way. I’m so glad I discovered the neighborhood and now I cannot wait to go back.”

Hosts proudly showcase their Rickshaw bags.
Hosts proudly showcase their Rickshaw bags.

Thank you to Mark Dwight and the Dogpatch for invigorating this little corner of San Francisco with such amazing small businesses!

To learn more and join us at future Merchant Walks, sign up for Airbnb Action.

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