Airbnb hosts think “green” in San Francisco

The Airbnb community extends beyond hosts sharing homes with travelers—many hosts also enjoy sharing their ideas and passions with the community. Gary, a host in San Francisco, shared his passion for sustainability by leading a workshop on the positive environmental impacts of home sharing.

Many hosts and guests use home sharing because it’s a more sustainable way to travel, by using resources that already exist. Gary wanted to let his fellow hosts know that there are easy ways to conserve even more: At the workshop, hosts from all over the City came together and learned about the easy steps they can take to make hosting even more environmentally conscious.

“There are a number of things hosts can do before, during and after a guest stay. Small steps and changes in habits add up to sustainable benefits,” Gary told the hosts who attended his seminar.

For example, he told them, if you recycle, be prepared to inform guests about your practices, and clearly label receptacles for ease of use. If you’re purchasing new supplies for the listing, keep an eye out for renewable fabrics, such as linens made from natural or recycled materials. Gary also recommended pointing out public transportation options for your guests and purchasing non-toxic cleaning materials for after guests check out.

CleanPowerSF was also on hand to inform residents about San Francisco’s clean energy program. CleanPowerSF is a great fit for San Francisco residents who want an easy way to incorporate renewable and alternative energy into their everyday life.

Following the presentations, hosts discussed creative ways to reduce their footprint while still providing top-notch hospitality for guests all over the world. One host explained how she encourages guests to conserve water throughout their stay, providing guidelines in her House Rules manual. Another host suggested using LED light bulbs and replacing light switches with dimmers to conserve energy output.

Hosts left the workshop energized and ready to make changes that will positively impact the community.

“Just as we can go the extra step to be a thoughtful host in our interchanges with our guests and care about the design and experience, we can be thoughtful about our impact on the environment,” explained Gary. “Small steps go a long way to reduce carbon footprint, improve a guest’s experience and benefit the environment. By thinking about sustainability before, during and after a guest stay we are mindful of the environment and our part in preserving our planet—we can then pass these values on to our guests for a positive impact.”

To learn more about the positive environmental impacts of home sharing, read our recent report here.

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