Airbnb & Housing in Los Angeles County

Since our founding in 2008, Airbnb has become an economic lifeline for thousands of Los Angeles County residents. Ordinary people and families are taking what is typically one of their greatest expenses, their home, and using it to generate critical new income. This helps them pay household bills, save for retirement and in a growing number of cases, allows them to stay in their homes.

Policymakers in the greater Los Angeles region have also been struggling with a longstanding housing affordability issue that in recent years has developed into a housing crisis. Like many in the community, we share the belief that LA County’s continued growth and prosperity depends on ensuring that neighborhoods remain inclusive and affordable for all residents. We also welcome the discussion about the role that short-term rentals can play in advancing those goals.

Airbnb is committed to working with local government and municipalities in Los Angeles County to develop responsible home sharing regulations that protect housing and preserve the economic benefits that the industry provides local residents. This report examines Airbnb’s impact on the housing stock of Los Angeles County and provides more context on the activity of our host community in the region.

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