Airbnb is committed to promoting responsible hosting in Paris

Home isn’t just a place to live—it’s a place to be accepted, where you’re comfortable being yourself. At Airbnb, we believe you should feel at home no matter where you are in the world. To continue promoting responsible tourism in Paris, we have launched a guide of best practices helping guests “to live like a perfect Parisian”. Parisian hosts can now download, print and hand out this guide to the guests they host.

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The Airbnb Citizen Team

Download our guide to help your guests live like a Parisian

In Paris, the Airbnb community welcomed over 1.6 million guest arrivals in 2016, making it the first tourist destination in the world on Airbnb. The purpose of this document is to remind guests of the basic rules of staying in your building and is available in five languages. Download yours in 5 languages: EN, FR, ES, CHN, GE.

Download the guide

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Ne visitez pas. Vivez là-bas.

Lorsque vous voyagez avec Airbnb, vous découvrez bien plus qu’un chez vous, ou une ville. Vous faites partie du quartier. Vous avez votre table au café du coin. Où que vous alliez, vous aurez l’impression que vous #VivezLàBas. Même si c’est juste pour une nuit.

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