Airbnb launches “Make Every Trip More Sustainable” campaign in China to promote healthy tourism

Last week, Airbnb launched a campaign to promote healthy, sustainable tourism in China — the “Make Every Trip More Sustainable” campaign.

At a launch event in Beijing, Airbnb signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Friends of Nature, a prominent NGO focusing on environmental protection issues. Through the MoU, Airbnb will work with Friends of Nature to promote sustainable tourism in China.

Under the terms of the MoU, Airbnb and Friends of Nature agree to:

  • Promote sustainable travel in China and for Chinese travellers
  • Host a series of lectures to educate the Airbnb community on sustainable tourism
  • Conduct workshops for hosts on sustainable hospitality standards and practices

“As the global leader in home sharing, Airbnb is committed to a healthy and sustainable alternative to mass travel that helps local communities benefit from the growth of tourism,” said Liz Jarvis-Shean, Airbnb’s Global Head of Public Affairs. “We’re excited to enter this partnership with Friends of Nature and play our part in promoting sustainable tourism in China.”

Airbnb releases Airbnb Makes Travel Greener report

Along with the launch of the campaign, Airbnb has published the ‘Airbnb Makes Travel Greener Report’, which includes data that demonstrates how Airbnb supported environmentally-friendly travel in China in 2017.

Since our founding in 2008, over 300 million guests have stayed at Airbnb listings around the world, and there are now nearly 5 million homes listed on our platform. From the beginning, home sharing has shown its potential as a more sustainable option for travel.

Highlights from the report include:

  • 94% of hosts are incorporating green practices into hosting
  • 63% of hosts have reduced the consumption of disposable plastic products
  • 59% of hosts are encouraging guests to use public transportation by offering transportation cards and guidance on public transport options
  • 45% of hosts provide environmentally-friendly cleaning products

An Li, Vice President of Airbnb China, said: “As tourism continues to grow in China, Airbnb is offering travellers an environmentally-friendly way to experience local communities. The environmental benefits of home sharing are clear and we look forward to working with partners like Friends of Nature to support sustainable travel.”

To better serve our community and promote sustainable tourism, Airbnb has also launched the Airbnb Host Recommended Cafés, a pilot programme for guests and hosts that will utilise shared spaces for guests and hosts to learn about sustainability issues and the environmental benefits of home sharing.

During the launch event, Airbnb also announced the winners of the second annual “Bélo Awards”, a prize celebrating and recognizing excellence in hosts and showcasing their stories to influence the wider community.

Since Airbnb was founded 10 years ago, travelers have discovered new destinations and homes off the typical tourist path, creating a new wave of more eco-minded, sustainable travel. Through partnerships, programs and events, Airbnb will enhance its efforts to build on this momentum and further support environmentally-friendly travel in China.

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