Airbnb launches Welcome to help host refugees in Spain

In February, Airbnb set a goal to provide short-term housing to 100,000 displaced people over the next five years. From natural disasters to the refugee crises, at Airbnb, we believe everyone has the right “to find not just a place to stay, but also a place to feel connected, respected, and a part of a community again”, says Joe Gebbia, Airbnb founder.

Airbnb Welcome

That’s why we have created the platform, where people from all over the world can list their home to voluntarily welcome refugees that need temporary housing.

With this platform, volunteers can connect with organisations that manage asylum programs. These partners seek out the most suitable homes for the people they are supporting and talk with the homeowners to ensure a great match.

In Spain, Airbnb will cooperate with local organisations and institutions to provide temporary shelter to refugees through the platform Airbnb Welcome.

Mousa Airbnb Story from Joe Gebbia on Vimeo.

Suppers with refugees

From June 19 to 25, Airbnb also joins the celebration of the Week of Welcome, when people from around the world will meet to debate about the challenges of the refugee crisis.

Interested volunteers will also be able to host suppers with refugees, intended to create a shared community of people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Barcelona showed its solidarity in the largest gathering of the EU, under the motto “We want to host”, to defend refugees’ rights and ask institutions for more resources for hosting and integration.


Airbnb will organise workshops with refugees and volunteers to help with their integration.

How you can help

If you are an institution, NGO or organisation working with refugees, you can contact us through partnerships.spain[at] to know how to join the Airbnb Welcome platform.

If you want to host refugees, you can list your home in Airbnb Welcome. If you want to host suppers with refugees, here you can find more information on the Week of Welcome.

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