Airbnb makes a local guidebook to boost tourism in Chungcheongnamdo Province

Download a copy of “Hello Chungnam”

Chungchungnam-do (Chungnam) is a hidden gem: with captivating nature walks and many cultural artifacts lining the region’s historic time-line, Chungnam awes visitors with unforgettable experiences. Yet, the region is not known to many as travelling destinations. To tell the real stories of Chungnam, Airbnb collaborated with an amazing illustrators, Bora & Daun from Superegg, MangoPlate (a crowdsourced restaurant review app), K-ICT Tour Forum, the provincial government, and the local hosts and guests.

Presenting you with  “Hello Chungnam Guidebook,” we want to take you on a virtual tour of the beautiful Chungnam!

Main features of this local guidebook:

  • Descriptions of the province and its 15 cities and counties
  • Each city and county’s 6 best restaurants and 4 main go-to places
  • Interviews and travel tips from hosts and guests in the Chungnam region

What sets this guidebook apart from all the other visitors guide is the cooperation with the local community. Airbnb interviewed hosts and guests from the region about travel tips and unique experiences of Chungnam. One of the Airbnb guests commented, “Imagine what it must have been like to walk down the Cheonan Three-way Intersection Park in the past. Honor and commemorate Yu Gwan Sun’s life by visiting the historic site. And don’t forget to try Cheonan’s famous Hodu-gwaja (walnut cakes)!”

About 10,000 guidebooks and 1000 posters full of personal and lively tips will be released at various tour events and allocated to the Chungnam region. Then, Chungnam will support Airbnb in providing stacks of this guidebook to hosts in their province to provide Chungnam visitors with personal experience.

We are very excited that the partnership between Airbnb and Chungnam can be used as a springboard from which we can support hosts/guests in the region and ultimately promote rural tourism.

[“Hello Chungnam” guidebook cover page] download original photo HERE

[Hello Chungnam” poster] download original photo HERE

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